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A taste of the best food delivered in Bend

Delicious food delivered to your doorstep is one of life’s great luxuries. Compared to urban areas, Central Oregon still has a long way to go in the food delivery game. But Bend is upping its options as we grow. From soup delivered by bike to pan-fried noodles to good old-fashioned pizza, here are some fantastic meals that you can get your hands on without leaving the house.


Orchid Thai


Nothing beats Thai food on a blustery fall day. Orchid Thai is on Northeast Division Street and offers delivery within five miles of the restaurant. Start with an order of Angel Wings—deep-fried boneless chicken wings stuffed full of ground chicken, noodles and vegetables. Next up: a rich and spicy green curry with tofu, Thai basil beef and pan-fried noodles with egg. Minimum order of $20 for delivery.


Bean, Pea & the Pumpkin


Locals know that Bend’s Makers District is becoming the place to go for fresh, local products. Organic soup company Bean, Pea & the Pumpkin calls the district home and packs up homemade soup in recyclable glass jars to be delivered around town to “soup-scribers.” Founder Kortney Barnes is a busy mom of three who wanted to create an alternative to fast food. Order soup for four, add on a salad and a big chunk of bread and dinner is served. Vegetarian and meat soup options available.


Planker Sandwiches


Planker Sandwiches is located in downtown Bend on Wall Street. They deliver within walking distance of the restaurant for individual deliveries and beyond for large party orders. Planker has a good selection of cold and hot sandwiches, paninis and burgers. Try a BLTA—thick slices of hardwood-smoked bacon placed over lettuce, tomato and avocado and served on locally-baked ciabatta. Or go for it and get a hot and spicy meatball parmesan on sourdough. They use Oregon products Tillamook cheese and Kettle chips, like good locals should.




We love our soup in this town! SoupCycle delivers soup to businesses and homes in the Bend area. SoupCycle started in Portland and now has an outpost here. As the name implies, soup is delivered once a week by bicycle. Get some delivered to the office on Monday and enjoy its deliciousness daily as you make your way through the work week—the rest can go home with you on Friday. Add-ons like grilled chicken breast, green salad and marinated tempeh are available.


Take Out Today


Formally known as Bend Take Out, this delivery service works with restaurants around town to bring food to you. Choose Middle Eastern food from Kebaba, burgers from Hardy’s, or even Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Call Take Out Today directly—they’ll order the food, pick it up and bring it to you for a reasonable fee. Delivery is within Bend city limits and just beyond for an additional charge. Minimum order of $5 for lunch and $10 for dinner.


Pizza Mondo


Pizza Mondo is a little pizza shop that’s been in downtown Bend since 1996. Locals love Mondo’s big slices of thin-crust pizza with tangy homemade sauce. Customize your pie anyway you like it or choose a combination off the menu. The Run Little Piggy piles on Italian sausage, pepperoni and prosciutto, and finishes it off with smoked Gouda, mushrooms and olives. Or go lighter and veggie with The Green Line, a cheese pizza topped with fresh spinach, garlic-roasted tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta. They deliver in Bend with a minimum order of $20.


Double Happiness


A few Chinese food restaurants deliver in Bend; Double Happiness on the east side is one of our favorites. All of the classics are here to satisfy your Chinese take-out cravings: spicy mandarin beef, sweet orange chicken, crab puffs, lo mein noodles and pork fried rice. Family-style dinners and combination platters available. Delivery in Bend with a minimum order of $20.


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