We Are Bend Project

A relaxing float on the Deschutes River on a summer day, fresh powder at Mt. Bachelor, and the unique restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops all make Bend a great place to live but it is the people that make our community what it is. Together as neighbors, colleagues, teammates and friends, WE are Bend.


Megan French


Teryce Kilby


While we were using #WeAreBend on social media to bring people together and highlight the amazing things that we do together, photographer and storyteller Joshua Langlais was building a website dedicated to showcasing portraits and stories of some of the people who contribute to making Bend such a wonderful place. We decided to partner with him and are excited to announce that we will bring you a new spotlight of a local Bend resident each week. With this partnership we hope to inspire, encourage, and bring together the Bend community.
Have a suggestion for who should be featured next? Please contact us!