Capturing the Oregon Outdoors

Framing adventure with photographer Tyler Roemer




Cascade Journal sat down with Tyler Roemer to get the down low on his history, future and amazing photography.

Where are you from originally and how long have you been in Central Oregon?
Originally, I’m from Hood River, Oregon and have been living on and off in Bend for the past 13 years.

How did you get into photography?
I came into outdoor adventure photography in the mid 90s while documenting my friends snowboarding and skateboarding. Skateboarding was a big part of my teens, and we wanted to remember and capture certain tricks in random places we ventured to. I always seemed to have my Pentax ME on my shoulder with a fixed 50mm, and a roll of B&W film inside. Since then my photography has merged into other outdoor sports that I love: mountain biking, snowboarding/skiing, climbing and quirky outdoor lifestyle things. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Tourism & Outdoor Leadership at Oregon State University. While I was still attending school and taking business classes, I decided it was a good time in life to make photography my career.




What is your favorite place to shoot in Oregon and why?
My heart is in the mountains, so anywhere that holds dramatic elevation gain and loss, I tend to find myself there. That said, the Wallowas are one of my favorite places to shoot in Oregon lately. I think that particular mountain range is a little mysterious—that, and I love granite.

What has been your most amazing photography adventure?
That’s a tough one—there are a lot of adventures that come to mind. The trip that I am always reminiscing about is when a group of mountain bikers and myself headed to Mexico to a small mountain village to bike, called Réal de Catorce. We packed our bags and boxed up our bikes. Basically we had no set plans other than to bike, explore and photograph the culture around us. While we were there we discovered some fun technical trails and hospitable people that helped us find our way around.




What do you love about your work?
In the past I would have just said shooting and traveling, but that has transformed into meeting real, authentic people who love what they do. Sadly, some of my friends and acquaintances have died doing what they are passionate about. I feel like the athletes that I photograph, whether it be climbing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, etc., commit their entire lives to doing those activities. They eat, sleep and breathe what they’re meant to do in life. Passion is what drives them to do these things that can come across as “crazy and wild,” and I feel that their passion and love for life is contagious.

What’s on the agenda next?
Right now we’re brainstorming about heading to Japan and maybe Mongolia to shoot some skiing and snowboarding. The sky is the limit on what could happen between then and this winter so we shall see!


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