Contribute to Cascade Journal

Cascade Journal brings the people, places and events of Central Oregon to life for visitors and locals through strong stories, great photographs and quality writing. We pride ourselves on being the eyes and ears of this beautiful and popular Oregon destination, delivering its vibrancy in a high quality publication. Cascade Journal publishes quarterly and is distributed throughout the region. We love to connect with great writers eager to help us tell the stories of Central Oregon! Check out our contributors.


Mission: To showcase in high-quality story and photos the people, places and events that make Central Oregon a dynamic place to live and visit.


Vision: To be the voice and the window into the community, projecting Central Oregon’s diversity, personality, natural beauty and vibrancy. We are the brightest lifestyle publication, set to illuminate the culture, nature, flavors, comforts and adventures of this incredible region.

Writers’ Guidelines

Articles for Cascade Journal are largely written by freelance writers. We accept story pitches (queries) for departments and features. Your idea has a better chance of being picked up if you tailor it to our magazine style as well as to one of our specific story categories. Please read through back issues of our magazine before pitching to demonstrate your understanding of our publication.


Cascade Journal invites freelance writers to submit queries for feature stories and departments. Good queries command attention. Cascade Journal articles are focused, illustrative, upbeat, informative and fresh; queries should reflect that style.


Queries should be appropriate: political, religious or explicit topics will be deleted. We prefer standard query structure: A) a paragraph or two describing what the proposed article is about, B) a paragraph telling us why we specifically should run this story and when, C) a paragraph about you, your experience, and why you should write this story for us.  Writers may include up to three story proposals in one query. Queries should not be simply a list of topics. Send queries in email only. Writers should email queries with two clips to six months in advance of the targeted issue. The editor will make every effort to respond within 30 days of receipt of a query.  Assignments, should they be given, will be detailed in email. We aim to assign stories three to five weeks in advance of deadline, with another three to four weeks slated prior to publication for editing and layout. We pay upon publication. Pay rate averages $0.30/word. Cascade Journal buys first North American serial rights.

Writing Categories

Commonly freelance-written categories include:
Fun recreational trends
Wellbeing: Health, fitness and positive lifestyle
9 to 5: Our unique businesses
Spotlight: Local stars, heroes and standouts
Day Trips: Local travel getaways
Getaways: Trips further afield
History: A slice of Central Oregon’s past
Local Habit: Quirk, trend, or popular pastime
Elements: Featured renovation or new construction project
Aesthetic: Profile of a local artist or artistic theme
Storyteller: Short essay interpreting a slice of the Central Oregon lifestyle
Up Close: Featured cultural event or endeavor
Cravings: Seasonal foods and flavors
Venue: Bar, brewpub or lounge

We also love strong feature ideas about the people, places and events of Central Oregon.


Writers should adhere to the following formatting guidelines when submitting an article:

» Article length must approximate the word count as assigned by the editor.

» All articles must be an MS Word file.

» Use double-spacing, black Times New Roman, 12-pt font.

» Italics and bold typefaces are fine where appropriate, but no other format variations should be used.

» Do not use headers or footers.

» Do not include a title page.

» Do not number the pages.

» Include a working title.

» Use only one space between a period and the first word of a new sentence.

» Indent each paragraph 0.5 inch, using indent formatting as opposed to the tab key.

» All other formatting, including color, should be avoided.

» At the end of the article or in an accompanying document, list names, websites and phone numbers for persons or businesses mentioned in the article.

» You are responsible for fact checking your own copy. This includes, but is not limited to, people and place names, factual assertions, attributions and all contact information.

» Use more than one source for each story.

» Include fresh quotes from actual people.


Cascade Journal articles are written in a conversational style meant to be easily and enjoyably read. We follow AP Stylebook guidelines.


Completed story assignments should be submitted via email. The editor may edit a writer’s work and/or return a submission for revisions. Please send a bio and headshot of yourself, too, so that we can share your story with our readers.


Kim Cooper-Findling, Editor

Photography Guidelines

Photo Calls: We query for covers generally about two-three months ahead of each issue’s release. Please email to have your name added to the query list. Photographic essays should be dynamic, evocative, original portrayals of life in the Cascade region. Photo calls are emailed two-three months prior to the next issue. These will be specific requests for images to illustrate the stories of that particular issue.


Photo/Image Submission: Digital, color transparencies, 35mm slides or reflective art is accepted. Please make sure all images are well identified and include a brief caption.


Digital Art: Low resolution JPEG images may be sent for consideration. All CD’s/DVD’s must include contact sheets of the images. Final high-resolution image submissions must be fully edited Photoshop EPS, TIFF or JPEG’s. A minimum resolution of 300 d.p.i. is required. All images will be converted to CMYK. CMYK images are preferred as final files and should be large enough to scale up and retain resolution. Please do not email a file over 25 megabytes — dropbox folders can be shared with


Photographic Usage Rate: Cascade Journal pays for the quantity and size of images used. Payments will be processed after the issue goes to press. Please contact Art Director, Josiah Dawley, for current usage rates.


Instagram: Have photographs that you think we could use on Instagram? Send them to our Art Director, Josiah Dawley, and he will consider using them. Cascade Journal does not pay for the use of images on social media but will give photo credit and tag the photographer when the photo is used.


Josiah Dawley, Art Director